Sunday, May 23, 2010

Big shout out to REV 3 KNOXVILLE. What a great event. This was my first REV 3 race and I'm still talking about it. I also got to meet some of my TRAKKERS teammates. Cool bunch of people who really know what this sport is all about. Having fun!!! Oh ya, and looking good in GREEN! I was planning on racing the half but 2 weeks before decided to switch to the Olympic race (haven't done one since 2003). What a different experience. Hats off to all those fast twitch folks. My body is made up of SLOWtwich fibers and speed is not my strength. That being said I had a great time and loved the course. The swim was mellow and warm. The bike was awesome. Very technical and lots of up and down. In fact so much so I dropped my chain at the top of a hill around mile 18 and my chain dropped into my brake and forced my brake to one side and I fishtailed for what felt like forever. OOPS. Had to get off my bike and try to fix my brake and get the chain back on. Fortunately nothing was too messed up. I was able to fix the chain but I could not get the brake off my back wheel. Glad there were only about 6 miles left. I haven't done that in a long time. Good lesson about shifting at the right time. A few miles later I came upon a rider who was hit by a car. I thought it was a TRAKKERS teammate. Stopped to make sure he was okay and help was coming. The volunteers were all over it and had contacted medics. By the time I got back to transition I was happy to see my running shoes. Great run course. The only thing is it was over before I knew it. Had a blast and so glad I made the trip. Going east is so hard with the time change but definitely worth it. Can't wait for Quassy in a few weeks.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Only a few days until REV 3 Knoxville. I am looking forward to meeting all the TRAKKERS folks and racing with everyone. This will be my first Olympic distance race since 2004. The team challenge should make things even more interesting. I will post pictures from the race. Good luck to everyone racing. GO TRAKKERS!!!