Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I was uploading some new pictures for the blog and realized my last few weeks of quotes are not posted. Oops. I will repost to catch up. The reason for this post is to encourage lots of thank yous to the volunteers at all our events. I just found out there was a volunteer setting up at a bike race our team attended this weekend who was killed in a freak accident. He was setting up and high winds blew a high voltage pole over and it struck him. What sad news. These wonderful volunteers give so much to help events run smoothly. So PLEASE next time you race thank as many volunteers as you can. This past October in Kona I made it a point to thank every volunteer who helped me from getting my clothes out of my bags, puting sunscreen on, taking my bike, giving me drinks and sponges and helping after I crossed the finish line. Their efforts gave me energy out there. And they get energized when you thank them and then they cheer harder!!! It's awesome. Again, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE thank the volunteers. We couldn't race without them. Happy training. Happy Easter.

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