Wednesday, September 15, 2010

REV 3 Cedar Point on September 12, 2010 was a huge success!!! Big shout out to the REV 3 team on a fantastic race and venue. First class all the way! This was my first race as a pro and what a great experience it was. The people of Sandusky and Cedar Point were so supportive, the venue was lots of fun and the cousre was awesome and very well supported. REV 3 truely did a fantastic job. The water was quite rough the days leading up to the race but race morning the winds changed and the water was calm for the day. The course was 2 U shaped legs with a beach run half way. My swim time was slow but I felt strong throughout the swim and great when I got out. As soon as I got on my bike I knew it was going to be a windy day. The bike course was very scenic and well supported with aid stations every 10 miles. There were people all over the course cheering the racers on. I came into T2 in third and knew I had my work cut out for me. Heading out on the run I had people everywhere cheering for me. My family was right there when I came out of transition and I was able to give my son a high five and it gave me an extra umph. I have never had so much support from other triathletes out on the course. Again, the course was very well supported with aid staions every 1-1.5 miles. I stayed in 3rd place until about mile 17 and then was able to make a pass and move into 2nd. I was able to stay there until about mile 21 and then got passed. I ended up 3rd and was extemely happy with my first race as a pro. I want to give a shout out to my TRAKKERS teammates who were rockstars on and off the course. If they werent racing they were volunteering and helping make the race a huge success. I look forward to the next chapter...Whatever that may be!!!


  1. I just watched the video on FB and had to find you and say congrats and how inspiring! Your first year as a pro at the age of 35 with kids etc! Amazingly inspirational!!!

  2. You are so inspiring Leenie! You deserve every ounce. I know what an amazingly hard worker you are and I am so happy to see you doing so well!